About us.
About us.
Global Mineral Supply Ltd (GMS) was founded since 2003, as the minerals exporter and metal ores/concentrates sales agent based in Haiphong city,Vietnam.

The company has experienced years in this field and now operating with large network of customers and partners around the globe.

The business we handle today is in larger scope, more than the minerals. We work with many sectors of business and we have gained customers’ credit and satisfaction through our whole-hearted dedication and commitment to the business.

Now we have more affiliates companies and oversea offices within our business group which share and support each other for more solid and sustainable growth. 

Our business target is focusing on recyclable materials for better environment awareness. Recycled products will be prioritized in our business plan.

With elite network of business teams, we offer many metal, mineral products, services as well as providing best feasible solution for customers demand.

Welcome and we are ready to work with you for a mutual development !

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